Janaína Flor

“I come from a land where the sand is white and the water bluer than the sky.”

I was born on the first day of spring and my mother named me Janaína Flor, which means flower in Portuguese. I had the privilege of being born in a place filled with natural beauty, where I learned to look for the sources of my aspiration and inspiration.

I am constantly in movement, either through dance, travel, sports or drawings. The movement of the pencil on the paper, of the wind, of the body, the water, the fabric. Always innovating. I’ve always been very curious about human behavior and I’ve always observed the world and imprinted my vision of it in my drawings.

Very early on I knew that creating was inherent to myself. In my family the art of making clothes was already a reality, which made me feel sure about the professional path I wanted to follow. In 2002 I finished my bachelor’s degree in Fashion at the Zuzu Angel Insitute, in Rio de Janeiro.

Afterwards, I had the opportunity of working in India, Indonesia and Hong Kong with product creation and development, where I was able to improve my knowledge and practical skills, and to delve into pattern making and printing processes.

The brand is born

"We give life to stamps and shapes through fabric that turns from blank canvas into works of art"

I felt the necessity and the deep desire to conceive a new line of work. That’s how the brand Janaína Flor was born, which literally carries the stamp of its creator, who is present from the conception of the product up to its development, production and even commercialization. This way, our product is exclusive and full of feelings and personality.
The creative process isn’t restricted to drawing.

We develop our products with delicate final touches in timeless and feminine shapes, joining traditional techniques and high technology.


The Studio

We have created a cozy space in our studio, where we present our collections and receive costumers in a personalized way.
Our main goal is to elevate and to value the beauty of the people that wear our creations. We provide a detailed study concerning each person’s style, and try to look for the best piece in our collection to match the body type of our client, making adjustments when necessary. We also suggest accessories and alternative looks for different occasions of the day.

We work commercial hours from Monday to Friday. If there is need for alternative times, we provide scheduled appointments and also house calls.

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